Too Bad Tom Brady Wasn't Hurt in That Car Accident

Let me be clear: I don't hate Tom Brady or wish ill to him per se. But his physical injury would have done more to motivate Bostonians to care about illegal immigration than everything right-wing radio talkers have been able to achieve in the last decade.

Let me summarize: Tom Brady, a sports stud and hero to Bostonians, was involved in a two-car accident this morning in Boston (full story here). The driver at fault in the accident had had his driver's license suspended five times. That driver's name is Ludgero Rodrigues.

Now I don't have proof that Ludgero is in this country illegally, but most real American's cannot keep driving after five suspensions of their license. And there have been many cases where illegals have been in vehicular accidents and gotten off without a citation (even though sometimes they do).

The sad reality is that more people in Boston would have noticed and cared about illegals -- and the dangers they pose on the road -- if their precious jock quarterback would have been hurt. And if they would have noticed, they would have done something... how dare an "undocumented immigrant" threaten New England's chance at another Super Bowl trophy?

So I wish Tom would have taken one for Team USA. Maybe next time...
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