Insight into Abdul Rauf

Interesting post on the man behind the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero. The author of the post, Wario Hussein, is a convert to Christianity from Islam. Wario Hussein concludes his article:

Imam Abdul Rauf’s recent statements show he knows Islamic teachings but he is exercising Tauriya ["outwitting" or deliberate lying permitted in Islam]. There is no such thing in authentic Islam as what he is trying to achieve. It has become very evident he is not a Sufi Muslim. He has been using Sufism as a cover and has just blown it. This man knows very well no one who embraces the Qur’an’s teachings and adheres to Prophet Muhammad’s sayings and deeds can build a bridge with people who believe in human rights and religious freedom. He doesn’t believe in these ideals, just maximizing them to advance his cause of spreading Islam in the West. In the words of a prominent Muslim scholar who, unlike Imam Abdul Rauf, is unashamed of Islamic teachings, “‘Democracy, freedom, and human rights have no place’ in Islam.”
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