On the Catholic Calendar: Sept. 13th

On the new liturgical calendar (as of 1970) in the Catholic Church the feast of St. John Chrysostom is celebrated. In the Church these days there are many people who either "dissent" from Church teaching or have a lax view of it. So let's consider three quotes of St. Chrysostom for today:
  1. The majority of adult Christians damn themselves. That's right: a majority of people who are in the Church of Christ, the true religion, go to hell (and it goes without saying that heretics -- eg: everyone who adheres to the spirit of the protestant revolt of the 16th century -- apostates, and pagans go to hell as well, but I digress). St. Chrysostom is joined in this statement by the following Saints: Gregory the Great, Jerome, Basil, Ephrem, Thomas Aquinas, Robert Bellarmine, Francis de Sales, and others.
  2. He who neglects the service of the Blessed Virgin will die in his sins. Saints Alphonsus, Bernard, Hilary, Augustine of Hippo, Cyril of Jerusalem, Anselm, Albert the Great, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas and others also agree with St. Chrysostom on this point. Lest we forget, on both the new and old Calendars, yesterday was the feast of the Holy Name of Mary. Did you talk with your Mother yesterday?
  3. It is impossible for a client of Mary who is faithful in honoring and recommending himself to her to be lost. Again, St. Chrysostom is joined by Saints Alphonsus, Bernard, Ephrem, Hilary, Augustine, Bonaventure, John Damascene, Anselm, Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas and more.
I encourage you to re-read those three points and who is endorsing them. Even the most strident of "dissenters" should take pause and re-evaluate their position if they see that a great number of Fathers and Doctors of the Church hold an opinion opposed to their own.

Our Lady, refuge of sinners, pray for us!

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