Prayer for the election of the Sovereign Pontiff

V. Suscitabo mihi sacerdotem fidelem, qui iuxta
cor meum, et animam meam faciet.
R. Et aedificabo ei domum fidelem, et
ambulabit coram Christo meo cunctis diebus.

Orémus -
Súpplici, Dómine, humilitáte depóscimus: ut
sacrosánctæ Románæ Ecclésiæ concédat
Pontíficem illum imménsa píetas; qui et pio in
nos stúdio semper tibi plácitus, et tuo pópulo pro
salúbri regímine sit assídue ad glóriam tui
nóminis reveréndus. Per Christum Dóminum

V. I will raise Me up a faithful priest, who shall do
according to My Heart and My soul.
R. And I will build him a faithful house: and he
shall walk all day before My Anointed.

Let us pray -
We most humbly entreat Thee, O Lord, that Thy
boundless goodness may grant as pontiff to the
most holy Roman Church one who shall ever be
both pleasing to Thee, by his loving zeal in our
regard, and, by his beneficent rule, deeply revered by
Thy people to the glory of Thy name. Through
Christ our Lord.



The Morality of using Vaccines derived from Fetal Tissue Cultures

Fr. Phil Wolfe, FSSP has provided a few consideration on The Morality of using Vaccines derived from Fetal Tissue Cultures. Here is a short clip from the article. Please read the rest on the Children of God for Life website.

At this point a feeling of extreme unease might overcome the Catholic who is attempting to assess the morality of this procedure. He recognizes that the moral object of the act is good – to immunize a child against these diseases - and he recognizes that if all the attending circumstances were good, he could safely conclude that this act would be good. But now he reaches the uneasy notion that this vaccine is tainted in some fashion, since it was produced using fetal tissue. May he then use it – since he is not directly approving of the abortion which made production of this vaccine possible? He wonders, does this circumstance "by what aid" pertain here? Can he disclaim the origin of this vaccine, as some have argued, on the basis that his use would only be a remote material cooperation with the intrinsic evil of the direct abortion and use of the aborted baby's tissue?


Where is St. Simon?

And going out, they found a man of Cyrene, named Simon: him they forced to take up his cross.
(Matthew 27:32)

And they forced one Simon a Cyrenian who passed by, coming out of the country, the father of Alexander and of Rufus, to take up his cross. And they bring him into the place called Golgotha, which being interpreted is, The place of Calvary.
(Mark 15:21-22)

Does Pope Benedict XVI have a Simon of Cyrene? Does he only have soldiers pushing him to die before the crucifixion?

St. John says that Christ went out carrying his own cross, while the other three evangelists state that they forced Simon of Cyrene to carry it for him. Both are true: for seeing Christ unequal to the weight, they compelled the other to take it up for him; not a part only, as some painters represent, but the whole, to Mount Calvary, as Jesus Christ had carried the whole before. -St. Augustine of Canterbury