A public coward...

Quinn defends state ending foster care, adoption pacts [emphasis mine]:
Gov. Pat Quinn defended his administration’s decision to butt heads with his own religion [Catholicism] Monday in a dispute over the Catholic church’s refusal to place any of the nearly 2,000 state wards it cares for with same-sex [read: disordered homosexual] couples.

On Friday and Monday, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services notified Catholic Charities in the Joliet Diocese and three others that DCFS would terminate their foster care and adoption contracts because of the church’s unwillingness to abide by Illinois’ new civil unions law.

"They made a choice," Quinn said of the dioceses. "They have a law in Illinois. It's the civil unions law. I signed it into law. We're not going back."

I hope and pray that Quinn finds the courage to "butt heads" with the pro-gay union crowd... or at least the courage to find his lost Faith. The choice "they" (the Catholic Dioceses) made was not actually a choice. The value of a marriage between man and woman existed for secular and religious reasons long before Quinn's lame attempt at "law". Civil union laws attempt to apply that value where it cannot belong. Being forced to place a parentless child in the arms of a mock family is not a valid choice.

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