Forgive me for not being "charitable" but...

The dysfunction of the liberal brain fascinates me in the same way that seeing someone drown in two inches of water would fascinate me. I don't root for this to happen but cannot comprehend how people can be so oblivious to simple realities. Case in point: the former Perjurer-in-Chief recently made the statement that laws requiring voters to show a State-issued photo ID is discriminatory against the young, the elderly, and minorities (who tend to vote for democrats). Considering that States which pass these laws also offer to provide a free photo ID to anyone who signs an affidavit affirming that they cannot afford the fee to get an ID (which is a whopping $11 dollars in my home State) I don't see where the alleged disenfranchisement is.

Just my $0.02 here, but if someone is so under-motivated, helpless, or incapable that they cannot get a photo ID -- even when it's free -- then I think our Republic is better served that these people not be allowed to vote.
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