Offensive Greek Etymology...

Out of fairness I start with a general warning. Due to vast varieties of reasons the following Catholic sermon will be found offensive by many.

The sermon itself speaks of the theological mystical significance of particular ceremonies in the Church... sacredness beyond the observed material world. When we see a holy image, the Church wants us to move from the visible image before our eyes to considering the invisible spiritual realities that those images represent.

It is truly right and just, O God our father, that every day and in all places we should praise and thank Thee for all Thy mercies bestowed upon us through Jesus Christ our Lord. We invite all the Angels to help us to thank Thee worthily, and we join with them to sing thy praises.

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus.

Please listen to the Catholic seromon: "What time is it?". If you choose to listen to this short (16 min) sermon, I encourage you to follow it to the very last word.

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