If I were Dictator of the US...

It won't happen, but if I were the U.S. Dictator this would be my secular agenda (separate from consecrating the country to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary and establishing the Social Kingship of Christ):

1. Emergency measures to protect the financial system:
     a. Immediately outlaw credit-default swaps
     b. Federalize all intersate banks and financial institutions with a market share greater than 5%
        i. Re-privatize once the financial system is stabilized
     c. Replace all Federal Reserve notes with US Treasury notes
2. Cut spending:
     a. Recall all overseas troops and naval assets
     b. Close all foreign military bases and draw down troop levels
     c. Cease all foreign aid
3. Simplify and lower taxes:
     a. Eliminate all deductions
     b. Eliminate income taxes, replace with Fair Tax
4. Increase manufacturing:
     a. Phased in import tarrifs
     b. Direct-investment in manufacturing capability and capacity
5. Reduce government:
     a. Deregulate, deregulate, deregulate!
     b. Apply the subsidiary principle as broadly as possible
     c. Narrowly interpret the Constitution's enumerated powers
     d. Eliminate federal funding for state and local programs
     e. Reestablish State's rights as being higher than federal gov't (except for enumerated powers)

Of course, this would only be a starting point, but until I'm in a position to implement the above and more, I'll leave it at this point for now.
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