No Pressure

When I first came across this video, I assumed it was a spoof... an attempt at anti-environmentalism. After spending a bit of time learning about the background behind the video, I was shocked to find out that the intent was to support the lowering of carbon emissions. I know that this video is an attempt at very very dry humor, but I often find that dry humor can be a form a brutal honesty. I did not post this video because I thought it was humorous. I posted because I think this video highlights the awful truth behind the climate change movement.

I warn you... this video contains gore (not the former VP and presidential candidate):

The video was created by Richard Curtis in support of the 10:10 campaign.

In October 2010, a short film created by Curtis entitled No Pressure was released by the 10:10 campaign in Britain to spread awareness of climate change. The video was subsequently taken down from the organization's website due to negative reception and offense taken at the attempt at black comedy. However, it is still available in several places, including YouTube. It depicted a series of scenes in which people were asked if they were going to participate in 10:10. Those who indicated they weren't planning on participating were told "no pressure" and then blown up in a gory explosion at the press of a red button.
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