Can non-Catholics be saved?

Quite recently, on the Catholic blogosphere, the question was raised of whether non-Catholics can be saved. Let me answer that question with a question: if you were in a house that was engulfed in flames, would you be able to survive by staying inside? Of course you could; the odds would be significantly against it, but if you wanted to bet your life on it there technically is a chance.

Likewise, non-Catholics have the possibility of being saved; only God can see into the soul of a (wo)man and see if there exists a reflection of Himself (supernatural Charity), a quality without which we cannot be saved. To receive and maintain this quality of the soul God gave us the Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Could you obtain and maintain this quality of the soul without formal membership in the Christ's Church? Technically yes... but do you really want to bet your soul on it?
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