Don't Steal: The Government Hates Competition...

When the government is guilty of so many crimes against morality and prudence, is it any wonder that the contractors they hire (at the lowest bid, no less) will resort to unethical practices as well? As it turns out, the contractor whom the CIA hired to work on the targeting system for the Predator drones used pirated software. Not surprisingly the company who makes the stolen software is suing; they also assert that the stolen software was incomplete when it was stolen, which could result in targeting errors on the part of the drones.

So in summary: a shadowy government agency hires software pirates to work on the targeting systems for drones which are then used to conduct "surgical strikes" in Pakistan... and the faulty targeting systems means the CIA will be hitting the wrong targets (read: people). I guess it's a less overt way of picking a fight with the Pakistanis than appointing a Koran burning pastor as U. S. ambassador to Pakistan.
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