I'm just saying...

Thanks to a couple inches of winter weather, my commute was almost tripled this morning (honestly people -- it's just snow!), which gave me more than enough time to develop nausea listen to the propagandists at NPR paint their picture of “the facts” surrounding the shooting this past weekend in Tucson:
  • The shooter was a “lone wolf” and acted alone
  • That right-wing talk radio could possibly have played a roll in inciting violence
  • That the Congress woman narrowly defeated a tea party candidate to win election
  • That Arizona’s gun laws are perhaps too liberal
  • That the shooter had attended “meet and greet” events with the Congress woman in the past and received thank you notes from her (or was it her office?)
  • That the shooter had notes in his house about planning ahead (though what those plans are is unclear)
  • That “some other people” were also injured by the shooter
When I got to work I did some quick internet searching and learned a few things that NPR didn’t bother mentioning:
So the Catholic judge was invited to the event at the last minute and a drug-abusing liberal guns him down along with several others. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence; or perhaps the judge was the real target and shooting the Congress woman provides sufficient obfuscation to the event to conceal this motivation?
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