The Weight of Your Vote...

It should be obvious that voting is an important function of the citizens of a democracy, but it is not the most important function of the citizens. Above voting, citizens are obliged to create a moral and spiritual atmosphere in the society they are part of. Without this atmosphere, voting becomes somewhat meaningless. In a society that lacks morality, a good candidate has his God given authority undermined before voting even begins.

This is not to suggest that we should refrain from voting for a truly good candidate in a failing society. I make this point to highlight the important role we each personally play in the success of our society. It is not the politicians alone who encourage us to kill our children in the womb. It is not the politicians alone who warmonger. It is not the politicians alone who eat away at our God given rights. Society, by its actions and omissions have allowed and encouraged them to be this way.

Those who intend to use their vote to change the society we live in have the scales loaded against them.

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