The Persecutions Are About to Begin

It is foretold that at the end of time we will see the greatest persecution of the Church and the most heroic of martyrs. Given the state of the world and the Church it's conceivable that we might get a front-row seat to the end time, persecutions and all. While there will certainly be martyrdoms in the final persecutions, the goal of the persecutors will be to separate the Faithful from the Church and their souls from Sanctifying Grace.

And the persecutions are about to begin.

The serpent is subtle and it appears one of his first goals is to reduce the number of his enemy by making excommunicates of a great number of American Catholics. According to LifeNews.com, a provision of the "individual mandate" of the Obamacare legislation -- which will require every American to purchase a government-approved insurance plan or pay a penalty -- is the collection of $1 per month as a surcharge to cover the cost of abortion services. According to Canon Law (Canon 1398) Catholics incur latae sententiae(that means "automatic" in American English) excommunication if they have any voluntary part in the performance of an abortion, including paying for it.

And so it begins fellow Catholics: separate from the Church or be separated from your money. It seems pretty clear to me that my Catholic duty, when Obamacare comes into force, will be violate the individual mandate portion of the law by either not carrying health insurance or carrying a non-approved policy, which in either case will require me to pay a fine.

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