Lord open my lips...

...So that my mouth may proclaim your praises.

The Apostle does not preach Christianity 'a la carte,' according to his own tastes, he does not preach a Gospel according to his own preferred theological ideas; he does not take away from the commitment to announce the entire will of God, even when uncomfortable, nor the themes he may least like personally. -Pope Benedict XVI

The preceding quote was given last week at an annual talk given by the Pope to his priests. The Holy Father said, "...priests must not water down the faith because people are made uncomfortable by it."

The Holy Father also went on to say:
In a world where people are curious to know everything, so much more should we be curious to know the will of God. what thing could be more interesting, more important, more essential for us than to know what God wants, to know the will of God, the face of God?

This message to priests is also relevant to the rest of the faithful. LifeSiteNews and Courageous Priest have more information on the Holy Father's talk.

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