Follow up: Catholic Campaign for Human Development

In the coming Sundays... many diocesan parishes will have a collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). Earlier this week we posted some links about the CCHD and its connection to Saul Alinsky. If you decided not to watch the videos, you would have missed the details on how the CCHD has collected money to provide to "charities" that support abortion and the gay agenda. Some diocesan bishops have seen around this and have not collected for the CCHD, or have used the collection to apply to local diocesan Catholic charities instead. Most diocese in America are still planning for the collection.

A lay man with a wife and family was recently fired from one of the CCHD offices for contacting faithful Catholics about the corruption he had noted in this organization. The currently nameless (for now) individual sent the following email in response to his being let go:

The USCCB, its administrators, bishops or lay people in charge of the entire CCHD program(s) are NOT an official arm or representative of the Vatican or the Roman Catholic Church.

In no way should any Roman Catholic obedient to the Magisterium support a collection that has violated donor intent since its inception. Despite the attempts made by many well intentioned individuals in the [local CCHD office], the powers-that-be at the USCCB and some local bishops and priests, have plans to return to business as usual with this program.

The lack of respect for the sanctity of life and the destruction of the necessary societal institutions of traditional marriage and family are the major reason for the moral, physical and spiritual poverty we suffer in the western world.

Pray that our Catholic church in America be protected under Our Lady of Guadalupe and that the Culture of Life defeat the evil Culture of Death that has permeated the USCCB and specifically the CCHD for far too long.

Please forward this along to Catholics so they can be prepared for this collection this weekend. (It is possible that some diocese will wait until lent.)

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