I did not vote...

I did not vote for the one,
And did not vote for the other.
No vote of mine was placed,
For the choice as presented.

That choice was avoidable,
No lesser obligation made.
A withheld vote for the other,
No stamp of approval for the one.

My knees were not bent,
To morality founded on consequence.
The desire to limit evil,
Our strongest impellent.

Influence on the evil,
Lacks yearned for visibility.
My vote for an authority,
Seems cast toward the ether.

The revolution is repulsive,
Its cause is our shame.
You can thank me for nothing good,
Because we are part of the neglect.

Majority voters only litmus,
Evident moral deficit.
Our contribution to this turbidity,
Is the great supplier of burden.

That God has permitted,
We should accept and examine.
Glory be,
To our absolute Sovereign King.

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