TV Christmas Specials

'Tis the season for numerous "Christmas Specials" that fill the prime time airwaves. While many of the Christmas specials have little to do with the Nativity of Christ, a number of them have a common theme. The theme consists of a group trying to celebrate (some version of) Christmas while a antagonist is trying to ruin said celebrations. The stories generally end up with the antagonist mending their "evil" ways or having a change of heart that allows them all to celebrate (some version of) Christmas.

During this Advent season the rest of the world has already started celebrating (some version of) Christmas that often has little to do with the Son of God. Every year the "secular Grinch" attempts to steal more and more of (the real) Christmas... a parallel concept to that which is addressed in the the TV specials.

Many of us watched these formulaic Christmas Specials with our children, or as we were growing up. The secular shows (often divorced from Christianity) urges its viewers to defend (some version of) Christmas and proclaim the need for conversion of those who are against the "season." Seems we should be prepared to do the same for the true reason for the season.

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